Whitewing at Higley, Gilbert Luxury

JULY 23, 2009-One of Gilbert’s gated luxury communities is located just off the 202, south of Pecos and on the west side of Higley Road and is called Whitewing at Higley.  Located on approximately 81 acres, Whitewing at Higley has a variety of pricing in luxury homes that currently range from $675,000 up to $1,799,000.  The price paid per square foot in Whitewing at Higley so far averages $182 with one sale as low as $149.  At it’s peak in 2006, prices were at $285 per square foot so needless to say, this is a great time to buy if your looking for something in Whitewing at Higley or the luxury home market anywhere in the metropolitan Phoenix area.   Please give me a call if you’re thinking of making a move.

StephanieWeissMoves@gmail.com  (480) 273.7472


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