Looking For A Good Deal?

Everyone is looking for a bargain at rock bottom prices!  We are, I believe at the bottom of the market and there are tons of deals out there.  I had an out-of-town client looking for a single family-detached residence between $75-$100K, 1800 square feet with a pool, maybe just a bit of fix up and not too far out of town.  The pictures in the MLS looked good and the client was excited when he got here thinking he was going to pick up a real steal!  The day before arriving, he gave me a list of 45 properties.  Knowing what was ahead of me, I starting checking the MLS.  The list was reduced to 25 properties, because 20 of them had Pending offers or were considered Active With Contingencies (AWC).  With properties going so fast and having multiple offers, I called on the remaining 25 which further reduced my list to down to 6.  Out of these final properties that we were able to see and after driving around the entire Valley of the Sun for 8 hours listening to the client tell me how much he loved Arizona and how great it is here (and I agree!), he realized that getting that great bargain for under $100K with a pool was not going to be as easy as he thought and some of those properties were not what he had in mind.  He inevitably increased his ceiling and had a whole new perspective!

StephanieWeissMoves@gmail.com  (480) 273.7472

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