South Mountain & The Arizona Grand Resort

South Mountain is such a gorgeous place to live! On the northeast side of South Mountain is The Arizona Grand Resort, formerly known as The Pointe South Mountain with a golf course and oasis water park. The water park is huge and is a great place to spend the day with family & friends while staying cool. The Arizona Grand Resort is nestled up against the South Mountain preserve and the golf course runs through it as well as part of the community that also sits amongst the preserve. After a day of golfing or hanging out at the water park, you can catch some steaks at Rustler’s Rooste Steakhouse located above The Arizona Grand Resort with gorgeous city views! During peak season there is almost endless hiking and mountain biking on South Mountain. The golf is very reasonable right now and the home prices in this area are all across the board from under $100K to over $5M. If you’re thinking of making a move, please give me a call.  (480) 273.7472


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