Monterey Bay at Ocotillo, Chandler, AZ Real Estate

Monterey Bay at Ocotillo, another fine Chandler AZ community located on the northeast corner of Alma School and Ocotillo Roads and adjacent to Carmel Bay at Ocotillo where you can currently find 4 homes for sale in the price range of $380,000 (2895 sf) to $475,000 (3458 sf), none of which are short sale or lender owned properties.  There is currently 1 pending transaction with a list price of  $305,000 (2313 sf).  Out of the 3 closings that occurred within the past 3 months, 2 were lender owned properties and 1 was a regular transaction.  The 2 lender owned properties closed at $87 per square foot.  One was on the market 330 days, the other 49 days.  The regular sale closed at $118 psf  and was only on the market 17 days.   These types of properties (non-short sale/lender owned) will usually fetch a higher price and sell quicker.   It’s important to look at this information when considering purchasing property and making sure you have the most up-to-date information from your REALTOR®.     If you’re thinking of making a move whether buying or selling, give me a call. 480.273.7472


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