Learjet Parking in Stellar Airpark Estates, a Unique Gated Luxury Community

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just find some place to park your Learjet or any plane for that matter!  Well, look no further!  STELLAR AIRPARK ESTATES in Chandler Arizona is the perfect location and one of the most coveted luxury aviation communities in the western United States!  It has a remote controlled gated taxiway to the 4000’ X 82’ paved, lighted and 24 hour airstrip with VASI and onsite Fixed Base Operator (FBO).  This is the ultimate in luxury living and STELLAR AIRPARK ESTATES has just that.  This unique gated community is located just south of Chandler Blvd on Galaxy Drive (located between McClintock and Rural).  Currently there are 3 active listings in STELLAR AIRPARK ESTATES priced at $2,400,000 (4580sf), $3,100,000 (5790sf) and $3,300,000 (5874sf), none of which are short sales or pre-foreclosures, but in order to even see these beautiful homes, you must be pre-qualified.  These properties in STELLAR AIRPARK ESTATES are listed at an average of $540 PSF.   There has only been one property that has closed within the past year, was on the market for 280 days and the buyer paid $395 PSF, however that property does not compare to the current properties that are currently active.  If you’re thinking of making a move and looking for a place to park your Learjet, give me a call.  Stephanie Weiss (480) 273.7472  StephanieWeissMoves@gmail.com
Stellar Airpark Estates Video 


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