Arizona Summer Weekend Getaways

I know it seems I’m all business because that’s all I blog about, but really my objective is to keep you informed and provide some insight into the great communities in the southeast valley of the Phoenix Metro area!  

That being said, my ADORABLE husband said he was going fishing this weekend and asked me if I’d like to go.  Me not really being a fisher-person/chik said no at first and then thought, well we haven’t been up to northern Arizona since last year when we had a place up there for the summer so I decided to go and have a leisurely Sunday and enjoy my husbands company without my laptop.  I did however take my Blackberry® IN THE EVENT OF A REAL ESTATE EMERGENCY! 

We left about 9:30am and arrived at Willow Springs Lake,  just off Highway 260 and west of Forest Lakes at about 11:3oam and did the usual unloading and preping the boat.  We got out on the picturesque Willow Springs Lake, me sitting in front of the Gheenoe, ready to read on the lake at which time it started to rain.  We waited a bit while it drizzled and decided to head in to wait it out.  The drizzle turned into a downright downpour and then some hail was mixed into that.  The weather was about 65° and quite refreshing considering 105°+ awaited us in the valley of the sun!  After playing Free Cell in the truck for an hour and a half, we decided to load the boat and head back down since it continued to rain and the clouds still lingered. 

We headed down the hill and once we got to Tonto Village traffic stopped with virtually no movement.  We waited for about 20-30 minutes assuming there was a traffic accident up ahead that we could not see.  No traffic was coming from the other way for those 20-30 minutes so when several finally did, they were all advising the road was closed due to a mudslide.  Not being able to get back to the dirt road that takes you through Tonto Village and back into Payson, we turned around like everyone else was doing and headed to Show Low to come back through Salt River Canyon. 

I hadn’t been through Salt River Canyon in several years and while we were driving through it, in spite of a couple distractions that happened that day, I was once again reminded how awe-mazing our great state of Arizona is and how awesome the scenery.  I often hear from  people on the middle or other side of the country that our state is nothing but sand, desert and cactus but it really has some diverse terrain and beautiful scenery!  One of the many great things about Arizona is you can be up north with 1-2 hours where the terrain and temperature are completely different.  I have lived in the valley since 1975 with the exception of a 4 year detour to Tustin Ranch, CA and Tampa, FL and both times when I left it, I missed it terribly and came back.  I love all the things our great state has to offer and hope you think so too!

Stephanie Weiss


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