Tumbleweed Recreation Center Chandler Arizona

If you live in or around the Chandler area and have not been to the Tumbleweed Recreation Center you must go!  The Chandler Tumbleweed Recreation Center is located at 745 East Germann Road, Chandler, Arizona  85286 just west of McQueen Road.  This place had something for everyone even if they didn’t know they needed it!  Some of the amenities are a gymnasium, a 6,000 square foot fitness area, racquetball courts, an indoor track, class rooms, ceramic studio, art studio, a lounge, catering & teaching kitchen, computer lab, teen lounge, multi-purpose rooms, game room, dance studio, group exercise studio, locker rooms with showers, shaded courtyard, meeting rooms and a child watch area while you’re busy doing one of the activities. 

The fitness area has approximately 50 pieces of cardiovascular equipment which includes treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, elliptical machines and strength training equipment that is truly state of the art.  The indoor track is 1/10th of a mile and has great views of the facility and views of the outside through the partially glassed 2nd floor.  The gymnasium is available 7 days a week for basketball and volleyball.  If you’d like to work out and have children between the ages of 1-7, The Tree House will provide supervised activities such as crafts, reading and climbing for up to 2 hours for participants Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, 4pm-9pm and Saturday from 8am-1pm.

If you’re interested in cardio, strength training, fitness classes such as pilates or yoga, computer programs, teen programs, active adult programs, birthday parties, wellness programs, special interest classes, intersession programs, fine arts or a wedding, the Tumbleweed Recreation Center has just about everything.

One of the things that I find very positive is the fees.  Unlike traditional gyms that require that you authorize them to automatically charge your debit or credit card monthly and then require a minimum 30 day fee “after” you cancel, the Tumbleweed Recreation Center is probably one of the most flexible places to work out.   An adult pass for residents ages 20-54 runs $30 per month, non-residents are $41 while the same age range for a daily pass runs $4 per day for residents and $6 per day for non-residents.  They also have annual and punch passes so contact them at (480) 782.2900.

I have not even started with the outdoor facilities which will be more useful now that we’re coming upon our prime time of year for those types of activities.  There are so many programs and activities at Tumbleweed Recreation Center that I encourage you to check out their website at Tumbleweed Recreation Center or call them at (480) 782.2900.


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