Marco’s Prescott Cabin

If you’re looking for a cozy cabin retreat in the mountains of Prescott, Marco’s is the best place in Arizona to do just that!  This is truly a private getaway in the cool mountains of Prescott, Arizona.    Take a walk and enjoy the scenery, relax with your sweetheart, family or just reflect on your own.   This retreat has all you need for an enjoyable stay without ever leaving after arrival.  Just stop at the store along the way and bring your food, clothes and enjoy this great Prescott Cabin.

View the Video: Prescott Cabin Rental

Things to do

• Hike Thumb Butte
• Rest and Relax
• Visit the Square
• Rest and Relax
• Sit by the fire
• Rest and Relax
• Drink some wine
• Rest and Relax
• Play a game of pool
• Rest and Relax
• Have a Barbecue
• Rest and Relax
• Play golf at Antelope Hills
• Rest and Relax
• Visit Young’s Farm (Fall) 520-632-7272
• Rest and Relax

Tradition here is to bring two bottles of wine to leave and then share the ones you find
when you get there.   (See framed instructions in the dining room.)   Please write in the journal before departure.  Take a trip to Prescott and you won’t forget the view or how great you feel when you go home.

Reservations Required.
Rest and Relaxation Required

Contact Marcus Sipolt’s 602-502-2837

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