Listing Photos Do Have an Impact

Hopi Weiss (2a)I view properties online on a regular basis and a couple things that continue to baffle me are the lack of professional photos and what those photos reveal.

Let’s start with the photos. Most agents are not…I repeat not professional photographers. Why a seller would not demand that the real estate agent provide professional photos and more importantly, why the agent does not offer it is just plain inexcusable.  The agent that is not providing professional photos is, in my opinion, doing a monumental dis-service to the home seller.   In our online world, these photos make an immediate impact on the potential buyer.  It can factor into whether they put this on the list of properties to see or not to see.  Once the home has been on the market for 120 days, what could possibly be the part of the agents’ explanation as to why this property has not sold? Did the agent send a copy of the link to the seller once it was loaded in the MLS? 

I have clients that are having a new home built here in Chandler. They are selling a property in Kentucky. When I asked my client if their Kentucky agent was providing professional photographs, they told me the agent said they would not do so with a 3 month listing agreement. After nothing happened during those 3 months, the listing agent then said (before the listing expired) she thought now she should obtain professional photos. Needless to say, my client was not impressed let alone interested at that point and decided to rent it out. When they do decide to sell that property, they will not list with that agent again.

Hopi Weiss (12)What the photos reveal are also important.  Have you seen those kitchen photos with post-it notes all over the refrigerator and so many miscellaneous items on the counters a potential buyer cannot see past them?  I consistently see many photos online that are dark to the point you can’t see them, are upside down or sideways and blurred. What kind of agent loads photos into the MLS without reviewing them?  How about all those items in the bathroom such as toiletries hairspray, makeup and the toilet lid up?   Why an agent would take photos of a property in that condition is beyond me but I see it time and time again.  If there are too many distractions in the photos, it can turn a buyer off.  Cleanliness is also a key.  A home that appears junky and unkempt may send the message “this is what you see” but what you can’t see may not be maintained either.

It’s a delicate balance to suggest to potential listing clients that “less is more” and a clean and neat home matter but it’s the agents’ job to sell the home.  My suggestion is your selling your home anyway and you’ve mentally moved out so why not transfer some things into a storage facility or clean out what you know you won’t keep anyway.  Have you ever completed your move and wondered why you moved all those things you ended up throwing out?  I did that….once.

Hopi Weiss (18)Researcher Michael Seiler concluded buyers spend 60% of their time looking at the photos, 20% on property descriptions and 20% on agent comments. How House Hunters View Your Listing

Properties that are well presented online move faster and get offers in a shorter period of time.  All my listings contain professional photos because I want the best exposure to the seller coming out of the gate and while I enjoy taking photos, real estate is my specialty, not photography.


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