December 2013 ARMLS STAT Report

To highlight the Dec 2013 STAT report and commentary by Tom Ruff of The Information Market, I note the following:

  1. November closings 5,206 (compared to 6,810 last Nov) (ill. #1)
  2. Sales volume down 23.6% from last year
  3. New listings down 22.4% (month -over-month) and 2.8% lower than last Nov
  4. New November listings 8,304
  5. Total inventory numbers are up 15.6% year-over-year, 2.6% month-over-month
  6. November 2012-23,232 homes listed for sale, November 2013-26,845 (ill. #2)
  7. Home prices have remained relatively flat over the last 6 months
  8. Normal listings account for 87% of our entire inventory.   A year ago it was 68%.
  9. With 5.16 months of inventory, we are in a “balanced” market (ill. #3)

nov 2013 monthly sales

Ill. # 1

nov 2013 active sales

Ill. #2

month supply of inventory

Ill. #3

Read the report here:  Dec 2013 STAT Report


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