NextGen Homes in Layton Lakes by Lennar

If you are looking to buy a new home in a Lennar community, particularly a “NextGen” home, you may want to think again!  It appears with two to three families living in a NextGen home by Lennar, there is no parking. My husband and I bought in a NextGen community a year ago. With still many vacant lots on our street, we have homeowners parking all (no less than 3) of their cars in the street.  By this I mean, they have no cars parked in their driveway, but have opted to park all of their cars in the street! Now keep in mind, the three homes I am referring to have 3 car garages and 3 slab parking in the driveway alone.  They do park 2 cars in the garage, but if they park the remaining  cars in the driveway, they have to move them in order to get the garaged cars out.

I have a 2 car garage and 3 cars and manage to park all my cars in the driveway. The only exception is if I’m washing a car or I have my “3rd” car, which is a jeep, out for the day on a weekend. Other than that, my cars are always parked in my driveway.Layton Lakes (8)

As a real estate agent, when out showing homes, most of my clients do not want to live in a community where everyone parks their cars in the street and as a picky homebuyer myself, neither do I. This can and in some cases does have an impact on the value of the homes in the community.

After observing this for a while, I contacted the city of Gilbert code enforcement department to inquire about this issue and was asked if I lived in a homeowners association community. When I replied “yes”, I was told I needed to contact them. I then contacted Carissa Phelps, of the Layton Lakes homeowners association (602.288.2699, 1600 W. Broadway Road #200, Tempe, AZ 85282) and she basically said there was nothing she could do. Why should she care? As a side note, we recently received a notice from the HOA that basically alerted us to check their website for “what types of plants” we can put in our yards, for those of you who “love” homeowners associations.

I also contacted John Lewis, the mayor of Gilbert and was basically told it’s under the community association CC&R’s so that takes me back to my homeowners association.

There are some issues here that one may not realize when they are about to purchase a NextGen Lennar home. One is that with all the cars parked in the street, aesthetically, it looks terrible and the community appears similar to those where most of the occupants are renters. The other issue is that when the homeowners are parking their cars on both sides of the street, (such is the case on my street), two vehicles driving in opposite directions cannot pass through those areas at the same time.   One car must pull to the side and wait while the other car passes and then the car driving in the opposite direction can then pass. Additionally, we have a very large family living across the street from us who have at least 5 children and I can never see them behind their car(s) parked out in front and these children play in the street and on the sidewalks all the time even though we have adequate common areas specifically for kids.  The neighbors next door to me (across the street from the homeowners who park in the street with the 5 kids) have a hard time backing out of their driveway because the car is parked directly across the street from them.

On another matter, I routinely have to complain at the Lennar “care for my home” website because they are building a spec home next door to me and the construction workers play their loud music all the time so I cannot enjoy my weekends on my patio (that has been a consistent problem throughout the entire neighborhood since I moved in), they have splattered their stucco all over my personal belongings on my side of the fence and drop garbage in my yard on a regular basis, they never pick up their garbage out in front and it not only blows into mine and my neighbors yards, but large pieces of garbage end up in the street and on several occasions, they have unhooked my hose from the side of my home to fill up a huge tub of water for the home being built next door, so I’m paying for the water they decided to help themselves to. Had I known all this, I would have looked for a resale home. You at least know and can see what you get “BEFORE” you buy.

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