Southeast Valley Active Listings Updates May 2014

Total Active Listings as of May 9, 2014 = 26,292*, approximately 3.43 months supply.  Total Active Listings as of April 10, 2014 = 26,722*, approximately 3.96 months supply and down by 430 fewer listings. Total April 2014 Closings for metro Phoenix 7,673, up from 6,743 closings in March.  Thus far however, closings in 2013, January […]

Phoenix #3 of 7 Markets Showing Big Home Price Growth

Happy New Year! Good news on the housing front…. Home prices are inching up across the country, as a housing recovery ripples through once hard-hit areas. AOL Real Estate, drawing from Trulia housing data, recently highlighted the top “turnaround housing markets” that have seen the biggest jumps in median home prices in the past year. […]

Has A Second Foreclosure Wave Really Been Averted

Many analysts are projecting that the worst of the foreclosure crisis is behind the housing market, but on a more local level, some areas are still struggling and are seeing a “second foreclosure wave” emerging, Forbes reports. The areas most affected tend to be where foreclosures must go through court approval. The process has created […]

Is the Housing Recovery at Risk?

Housing market forecasts have been fairly rosy of late, but as a “fiscal cliff” looms some analysts are worried the housing market may be doomed for a very slow recovery. The analytics firm Fiserv is predicting that nearly two-thirds of the nationwide housing market is going to see home prices decline for the year through […]

Phoenix Metro Inventory Update

Today, November 1, 2012 as I compare  information to a blog I did in October 2011, I note the Phoenix Metro area has approximately 32,446 in total inventory of which 15,393 (or 47%) are currently pending and 17,053 (53%) are active compared to 2011 when we had 38,819 total listings with 50% (19,090) of those […]

Arizona Among 5 Strong Performing Housing Markets

Several real estate markets are showing signs of recovery, with median home prices and sales rising. But which markets are showing some of the strongest signs of recovery? 24/7 Wall St. recently evaluated home price changes for the year ending in July, foreclosure data, the unemployment rate, and other factors to help determine which housing […]